A new world order for self discovery in the digital age.

Give yourself time to think with beautifully crafted journals, comforting objects and a new system for self-discovery. 

Created in Denmark, where simplicity and cosy are a way of life.

Daily zen

Because everybody deserves to be stress free

We believe you can find your business or life’s purpose and succeed, without the stress and complexity, normally associated with fine tuning internal processes.

Follow our simple to use coaching plan, that helps you create a secure and nurturing space to find your purpose.

The self-guided life and business coaching package includes a blanket, notepad, sketchpad, card set, and guides to help you define and achieve your highest goals.
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Products to help you get organised

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You don’t have to squeeze yourself into yoga poses to de-stress

Our Philosophy

Keep an open mind

Every day is thoughtful

Our Mission

To help people define their worth and take their life or business to the next level, in a secure environment.

Every day is zen

Our Values

Strength, fortitude, compassion and growth.

Every day is peaceful

Our Offering

Self-guided life and business coaching packages with optional cozy extras.

Every day is joyful

Cosy Care Package

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Wellness Care Package

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Student Care Package

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Every Day is Zen

Wellness through planning